Living with the Legacy of French Provincial Home in the Modern Era

French Provincial Home : The finest of world traditions have come into existence with the fusion of cultures and coming together of different forms of arts, philosophies and beliefs. And this has largely impacted the way world looks at the cultural maturity and societal growth today. The Emergence of French Architectural Influence Back in the […]


Terraced Homes appeared around 16th and 18th century. That time terraced homes were built to accommodate workforce nearby factories and industries. These were built neglecting human needs and comfort. But nowadays, contemporary design and new techniques are employed to frame an effective design layout. Let us see how the modern terrace house designs are being […]


Brisbane is the third largest city in terms of population in Australia. With a growing population, in the capital of Queensland, the workforce is increasing too. With more people shifting to this city, the demand for affordable and comfortable homes is also growing. Brisbane has received a high number of requests for the permission of Terraced […]

Terraced House Floor Plans

Terraced Houses are small, compact-sized house. Due to their size, their architectural layout plays an important role. A well-architect-ed house will still be a choice of many regardless of the size. Terraced House Floor Plans should be designed and developed by experienced architects. These plans should be developed keeping in mind the location and area space […]


Terraced Houses and Semi-Detached Houses, both are in high demand by people these days. Well most of them find these two housing styles similar, they are different in a few aspects. Let’s take a quick look. SHARED WALLS Terraced houses are generally developed in rows. The houses share the walls with the neighbors. That is […]

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