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Beach House Plans Hampton East

Beach House Plans Hampton East have common features of classic interiors. The classic interiors are blended with timeless architecture. But, recently, for a modern coastal look, some people are trying shades of indigo which is similar to navy blue. However, the colour is a little richer and more saturated. Beach Houses Plan Hampton East is […]

Beach House Brighton

The main feature of a Beach House Brighton is a contemporary family home that strikes a delicate balance between contemporary design and an intimate and cosy family atmosphere. In these beach houses, the kitchen is on the lower floor and the dining room is covered with foliage. On the other hand, the main wing on […]

Beach House Design Dromana

There are two types of Beach House Dromana. These are simple and contemporary. In general, simple Beach House Design Dromana represents the theme of simplicity that is made to relieve your stress after office hours with views of clear sea-sides. That means Beach House Design Dromana Aims to relive messy clutters of modern life let […]

Beach House Bathroom Designs Australia

Many people prefer mixing the retro and contemporary types of beach house bathroom designs. The features of this type of bathroom design are blue wall, the paisley pattern which is reminiscent of a large drop of water. In general, the antique wooden mirror is placed above the sink and there are two unique drawings on […]

Beach House Floor Plans Australia

This ultra-modern Beach House Floor Plans Australia is nothing short of luxurious. The floor plan design of the ground floor is an expansive and open spaced. This kind of floor plan design aims to provide enough relaxation in daily relaxation. These floor plans also feature with grand double doors in front and also have a […]

Beach House Architecture Plans

Building Beach House Architecture Plans can be a complex and difficult process. In that case, you need a good team of architects who can eradicate complexity and mistakes. A good Beach House Architecture Plans provides the flexibility of using the house for a comfortable living. The main of an attractive beach house architectural planning is […]

Beach House Design

The Beach House Design are usually built by the waterfront and large windows are located on either side. The large glass windows and façade are the most attractive features of beach houses. This also helps to get the most out of the property as the sea breeze can passes through an impressive window. For this reason, […]

Beach House Brighton

Beach House Brighton whether flat or sloping, is ideal for merging the design of a one or two-storey house through a sustainable modern architectural plan. These designs are featured with the light colour, proper ventilation system, textured tall walls, stylish bathroom and exterior are designed with open verandas and multiple levels façade that indicates the […]

Beach Home Designs Sydney

Sydney is the main tourist spot in Australia as the place is an intriguing spot. Beautiful beach home were started to build in Sydney from the end of nineteen centuries. Many of these old beach home in Sydney are in fine condition. However, these houses have been refurbished to provide quiet, modern comfort. These beach […]

Australian Beach House Designs

The design of an Australian Beach House offers a broad focus on form function, opulence with practicality and space for entertainment, as well as extensive privacy. There are many Features of Australian Beach Houses that make these houses more attractive than other types of house. These are simple clean lines that emphasize straight and flat […]

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