Living with the Legacy of French Provincial Home in the Modern Era

French Provincial Home : The finest of world traditions have come into existence with the fusion of cultures and coming together of different forms of arts, philosophies and beliefs. And this has largely impacted the way world looks at the cultural maturity and societal growth today.

The Emergence of French Architectural Influence

Back in the era of 1600s and 1700s, French were among the most ambitious colonial powers. They built colonies across different parts of the globe including Australia and the connected lands. They settled, got married and became an innate part of the tradition that existed in the vicinity.

French explorers like Comte de La Pérouse, who went on to stay there for some time and put the French footprints there, further impacted this fusion to a large extent. This had a great influence on the way they lived and dwelled.

Over the time, among many things they built like Frenchmen bays and shores, stockades, museums, churches, camping sites, the most renowned is the French provincial home.

The Origin and Derivation of a French Provincial House

Its origin is well related to rural manor houses and chateaux found in the countryside of France, which were a mainstream housing option for them then. And that’s what can be seen in the way they are themed.

These buildings were primarily used for residential purposes by wealthy landowners besides being used as business centers for conducting various trades. Later on during the reign of Louis XIV these were also used for lodging and vacation home services, quite expansively.

The Structure and Aesthetics of a French Provincial Setting

A French provincial home is mostly attributed and characterized by mansard roof, Juliet balconies, beveled glass double door, and iron lacework, which mark its exclusive appeal and elegance.

It is one-of-a-kind construction and has its unique architectural style and typical French Eclectic American structure with steeply pitched hipped roof over the top. All of which is dressed up in light, subtle and creamy tones by and large – best representing the style roots of the French Diaspora.

French provincial houses were mostly covered with half timber work and half of the concrete. These structures were built with symmetrical and proportioned architectural patterns that were mostly featured by a central front door with a modestly designed fascia.

French Provincial Homes By The Day

Largely popular in South East suburbs of Melbourne, these homes are fast gaining prominence across Australia for their archetypal significance. The best part about these manors is they are timeless and classic in their style and doesn’t go off-trend or obsolete with the changing trends and practices in the construction arena.

Today, French provincial home is one of the top-trending vintage dwelling options that are famous all over the globe for their magnificent artwork. Its design, interior, assemblage, layout, theme and trait, everything is taken into the account by modern engineers to replicate and reassert its value in the modern era.

They even rework on it with their creative tweaks to revive the feel and flair of it in a more contemporary design and make it work at per your cultural preferences. You can even get great help from vastu and Feng Shui consultants in assuring best of energy agreement and flow of positivity across the house.

How Vaastu Designers Can Help?

Vaastu Designers can get you a unique design pro-valued at energy sourcing and elemental integrity along with the visual trait and functional design that best compliment your ethnic and traditional cores. Which can be further reworked on to suit your creative choices and preferential inputs, aiming to serve you the best of French provincial setup in your customary, artistic and lifestyle bandwidth. So, you get the most out of the legacy of the French provincial house well dressed and served in your plate of housing preferences – both in terms of acquiring the best of energy flow and dwelling value!

Latest French Provincial Home Designs

All You Need To Know About The Latest French Provincial Home Designs

French Provincial Homes are becoming quite popular these days. One of the main reasons behind their popularity is their design and elegance. These homes have some unique characteristics which make them stand out among others. Several architectural companies that offer you the design of these homes put French provincial display homes for their customers so that it becomes easy for them to choose the right design. Of all the designs of the houses built in French Architectural Style, we’ve listed a few popular ones.

The Latest French Provincial Home Designs

Single Story Layout : In the houses with a single story, more emphasis is given to their floor plan. The architect tries to incorporate all the elements in a single, and thereby there needs to be a cautious designing. Single-story houses are also easy to maintain as compared to the double story houses. These houses also have a separate space for a garage.

Double Story Layout : The double-story houses offer you a great way to incorporate decorative elements in the form of wooden windows. The arches of a double-story French provincial style home remind you of the past era. Some double-story houses also have protrusions that give them a distinct look.

Homes With A Vast Garden Space : In the French Style of Architecture, the emphasis is given on the lawn area in front of the home. This is what completes the authentic look of the house.

French homes look great on large properties. While many French Provincial Style Homes display symmetry, not all of them are symmetrical. Some even have round towers over their entrance gates.

There are a lot of architects who will provide you French Provincial Display Homes and their designs along with the cost. You should discuss your requirements with these architects before you finalize a particular model.

Elegant Designs For French Provincial Homes

Types Of Elegant Designs For French Provincial Homes

French Provincial Homes Elegant Designs

The French Style of Architecture is one of the most brilliant contributions of the field of architecture. It is known all over the world for its elegance and warmth. There are a wide variety of designs that can be incorporated into French Style Homes. French provincial facade gallery is one of them. A gallery over the facade looks enchanting. From modern to rustic, here are a few elegant designs for French Provincial Homes.

1. French Normandy

French Style Architecture started in Normandy. In Normandy, the farm did not stand alone, and they had a house attached to them. When the other countries took inspiration from these French farmhouses, the result was Normandy Style Homes. The walls of these homes are made of bricks or concrete. They are also decorated with half-timbering, sometimes in the form of vertical wooden bands. Normandy style homes also have a distinctive feature in the cone-shaped roof.

2. French Provincial Homes

These homes were popular in the France of 1600s. From there the style developed into its present form. Built symmetrically, these homes are known for their simplicity and elegance. The walls are made in brick. Their roofs are hipped and sloping downwards. Another striking feature of these homes is a tall second story.

3. French Country

This style is a hybrid version of French Normandy and French Provincial Styles. While encompassing both the manor and farmhouse styles, this style came to be unique. Some of the features of this style are curves arches, stonework, and soft lines. Exposed wood beams also form an essential characteristic of these homes.

There are several other designs of French Architecture. You can talk to an experienced architect who would give you the details of the French provincial facade gallery so that you can choose the best design.

French Provincial Home Architecture

Know About The Characteristics Of The French Provincial Home Architecture

American soldiers who were serving in World War I saw a different style of houses in the French countryside. After that, this kind of homes started getting built in the US too. While this design originated in France in the 1600s, it became quite popular in the 1920s. Then for some period it lost its charm but is now once again popular among the people. The one thing that appeals to people the most is the elegance of the French Provincial Home Architecture.

The French Provincial Home Architecture

French Provincial Architecture has specific standalone characteristics that distinguish it from other forms of architecture.

1. They Have A Proportioned Layout

Unlike most of the different styles, French Style Homes are built in symmetry and quite balanced. Their balance can be seen in the well-proportioned structure of these homes. The windows in these homes are equally divided on both sides so that the balance is maintained.

2. Their Exteriors Are Made Of Brick

Unlike other houses in the US, where timber is preferred for the exteriors, French Provincial Architecture uses bricks or stones. While it is not a rule to use bricks for the entire exterior, architects sometimes use timber along with bricks to add decorative elements to the house.

3. Steep And Hipped Roofs Are A Distinguishing Feature

These houses have steep roofs that slope down towards the walls of the house. Their steep roofs are visible from a distance and are therefore decorated with wooden elements.

4. They Have Tall Windows On The Second Story

These houses are known to have tall and arched windows on the second Stories. These tall windows sometimes protrude out of the roof line of the house.

While these houses are once again gaining popularity, they are always on the higher side when it comes to expenses.

French Provincial Home Style

Top Elements Of The French Provincial Home Style

House built in the French Provincial Home Style have something different about them. This style which originated in France in the 1600s later became popular across the world in the 1900s. The French Provincial Facade is so beautiful and satisfying to look at that you would want a similar kind of home for yourself. Although there is a different kind of architectural genius needed to build these houses, you can always incorporate its unique elements in your present home.

Elements Of The French Provincial Home Style

Here are some of the unique elements of the French Provincial Style Homes.

1. Rustic Wood

You can incorporate rustic wood in the furnishings of your house to give it a French Look. For instance, use a wooden dining table and chairs that are simple yet sophisticated. When putting on a white marble floor, the authenticity of this style increases.

2. Warm Interiors

The French Style of architecture is never too loud. You should, therefore, try and use lighter and warm tones for the interiors of your home. This includes the color of the walls, curtains, or blinds, and rugs.

3. Parquetry

Parquetry is an essential feature of these homes. This design in the wooden flooring is necessary to give your home a French look. Also, the architect will guide you about the variety of patterns that can be drawn.

4. Kitchen Island

In homes inspired by the French Style of Architecture, the central kitchen island is often made in a different color than the rest of the decor. Even the marble top can be carved with beautiful carvings to accentuate the look.

5. Exposed Beams

In French Style Homes, everything is made in rustic wood. Therefore, it looks good if the beams are exposed in the old and historic style.

No matter what design you choose, make sure that you are highlighting the French Provincial Facade.

French Provincial Home Interiors

How To Ensure The French Provincial Home Interiors?

French Provincial Home Interiors have a unique designing element in them. They borrow their interior decorations from the old French homes and their embellishments. They have their classic style of interiors and exteriors that should be taken into account when you are building a French Provincial Style home for yourself. French Provincial Facades are a distinguishing feature of these homes.

Ensure The French Provincial Home Interiors

To ensure that your home is following the French style of architecture, you need to ensure that you have the following things.

1. Warm Colors Form The Crux Of French Provincial Interiors

French Style Homes are known for their palette colors and warm undertones. This is what makes them distinct from the rest of the architectural styles. From the walls to the curtains and furniture, everything needs to be in light colors that soothe your eyes.

2. These Homes Have A Distinctive Design

French architecture derives its design from the castles in France. All the design elements in these homes are inspired by the castle designs and are thus quite royal in their look.

3. The Natural Finish Of The Items Used In These Homes Is Brilliant

French style homes are generally decorated with rustic wood decor. The natural color and finish of the objects are what give these houses the retro and seasoned look. This rustic look also resonates well with the organic feel of the home.

4. You Can Use Both Stone And Timber For Flooring

White marble or wooden floors are used in these houses. White marble accentuates the look of wooden furniture, while wooden floors go well with the light-colored decor.

5. Linen Fabric For Curtains Is Perfect For These Houses

Linen stands for luxury and comfort. When you are choosing the material for the decor of your home, you should go for linens.

French Provincial Home

Some of the Prominent Features of French Provincial Homes

Features of French Provincial Homes

If you’ve ever been to France, you must have been wowed by the kind of homes there. Homes in France are very different from that of the other countries. They have some peculiar characteristics that make them unique. There are specialized architecture agencies that can help you design your home in the French way. French provincial architect can guide you through the entire process. Here are some unique features of French Provincial Homes.

  1. 1. These Houses are Made of Brick

    As opposed to timber standard in other nations, houses in France are made of brick or stones. You will see that sometimes they even feature half-timbering. This gives these houses a unique look.

  2. 2. French Homes are Symmetrical

    Homes built in French style are quite balanced. You will observe that the entrance to these houses lies in the middle, with an equal number of windows on each side of the house. It is well proportioned. Some apartments also have a round tower at their entrance.

  3. 3. These Houses Have Steep Roofs

    French style homes have a very distinctive style of roof. Their roofs are very steep and hipped. In a hipped roof, all its sides slope down towards the walls of the house. Some houses built in the French style also have dormers. Dormers are new structures protruding out of the roof. They also have windows.

  4. 4. The Second Story is a Tall One in French Houses

    French houses have tall second story. Tall windows and arches also distinguish these story on their tops. Windows can even extend beyond the roof line in some homes.

If you too are looking forward to designing your house in French architectural style, you should take the help of French Provincial Architect. They will guide you about all the features before you decide to build your home in the French style.

French Provincial Home Architecture

All You Need To Know About The French Provincial Home Architecture

French provincial home architecture is one of the most popular forms of architecture. It is known for its elegant style and lofty origins. There is something about the beauty of this architecture that steals our heart every time we see the buildings built in the French style.

French provincial homes are also quite common in Australia.

French provincial architects are the ones who can guide you through the entire process of understanding this architecture so that you can also use it in your home and its furnishings. There have been several versions of the French provincial architecture that has evolved a lot over time. Some of these features stand apart from other forms of architecture.

Know About The French Provincial Home Architecture

The houses that follow the French style of architecture are built in brick and stones instead of wood. Use of bricks gives a typically unique look to these houses. In some hybrid forms of French Style Homes, half-timbering is also used. This is what makes these houses distinctive. The symmetrical nature of these houses is what makes them look balanced. You will observe that the homes built in the French style have an equal number of windows on each side.

These houses are also known to have steep and hipped roofs that slope down towards the walls of the house. The steep roof is quite clearly visible, and therefore, it is decorated with beautiful tiles, and if the house has a second story, it will be a tall one with arches.

You will find a lot of variations in the French style of architecture with French provincial architects trying new things.

When you are building your house in the French architectural style, you need to be extra careful about the kind of furnishings you’d be using in your home. They need to match the elegance of the architecture.

Boutique Apartments Designer Melbourne

Boutique Apartments Designer Melbourne

Boutique Apartments Designer Melbourne


Boutique apartment design is not very simple to design such as dual occupancy and multi-town house development. A high level of skill is required to design a good apartment development but there needs to be a balance between good design principles and achieving a financially viable project that meets our housing needs now and into the future. Any change to the planning system has implications that could be felt by developers, buyers and residents. However, as a community we have an obligation to ensure all new apartments are livable and sustainable and meet the needs of all occupants over the life cycle of a building.

There are key point’s needs to be considered in order to design most livable boutique apartments.

  • Just the right size apartments with smartly planned all the amenities
  • Right building heights for all the amenities
  • All the bedrooms and living rooms on external walls getting natural light through windows
  • Good size Courtyards and Balcony
  • Direct Access to Natural light
  • Good natural ventilation to all the apartments must be provided by windows, doors or other openable devices
  • Minimise the sound transmission through floors and walls
  • Minimal internal corridor
  • Visible and accessible front Entrance with active building frontage and short corridors
  • Achieving a quality outlook from all the apartments
  • Air conditioning unit hidden away rather than in the balcony
  • Most of the apartments with North/East or West facing courtyard
  • Excellent Landscape design
  • Excellent waste management plan

Nupur’s aesthetic applied to modern inner-east city living, All the boutique apartments she has designed evidence that apartments can be as glamorous and spacious as any home. She consider all of the above key points when she design boutique apartments. Her design is sleek, contemporary and highly sophisticated, the unbroken flow between utilitarian and living areas combined with the use of white surfaces, limestone floors and mirrors creates space and light. Proof that boutique apartments will eventually become our choice for sustainable city living.

Council Approval

Developers require a commercially-viable DA supported by council so that their project can proceed into sales and construction. This process often requires the consultant team to consider apparently-conflicting requirements from stakeholders, and being able to resolve this in a fast and commercially-acceptable way.

A high level of professional experience and goodwill between the Building Designer, town planner and council planner will assist this process, and the experience of the building designer & town planner is critical. Building Designer and town planner team selection is especially critical when a timely coordinated response requires input from all team members. Nupur has worked on number of apartment projects in most of the council in Melbourne and she has excellent team of various consultants who are expert in their field.

Melbourne Architects

Melbourne Architects

I, Nupur Tomar, is the founding Principal of Vaastu Pty Ltd, which has developed a national reputation for the design of a range of Custom & Luxury homes, Apartments, Townhouses, Dental & Medical Surgeries.

I have completed “Bachelor of Architecture” from IIT Roorkee-India in 2001 with several gold medals in Design. I have been offered full scholarship at The University of Melbourne for “Master of Planning & Design”. This course offered me opportunity to travel intensively around Europe to carry out my research on “Open Air Museums” and rare opportunities to present & publish papers in USA.

Since last 10 years, I have worked with many famous Melbourne Architects in various architectural firms in Australia. I have worked on diverse projects ranging from education centers, wineries, apartments complexes, boutique homes with Melbourne Architects, Sydney Architects and Brisbane Architects. This extensive experience I have gained from various Melbourne Architects have enhance my knowledge and practical experience which has enable me to be in position to render my design services.

Our company Vaastu delivers a fine building design as per client requirement and takes you through a complete journey from conceptual to reality.

Being an Indian Architects, I understand all my Indian clients’ requirements and I personally design their home tailored to suits their personal tastes & requirements and take them through a complete journey from conceptual to reality.

As an Indian Architects, I take all my clients to the selection process of colors & materials for external façade & colors, material, fittings, fixtures, appliances for the interiors. We care about all intricate details and therefore we help our clients to choose from carpet, tiles to anything and everything for their dream home.

Unlike other big Architectural firms, I am the only point of contact from initial sketch to final handover which is lot better customer experience for our clients and make their journey smooth and enjoyable.

As an Indian Architects, I completely understand the Vaastu design principles and I apply them for my custom home as per the individual client request. Whether you like contemporary style, French provincial style, Georgian style or Indian style, I can design your dream home according to vasstu principles in any style.

If you are a developer then I can help you for your project from initial concept to final handover. Our services include concept design, town planning application, liaising with the council, obtaining the town planning permit, preparing building permit documentation and obtaining building permit. We also tender the project to renowned Melbourne builders in order to find the suitable builder for your project. We can help you work within a strict budget and choose the most cost-effective materials & we can also oversee the construction on your behalf, to ensure it is built properly as per our design and your quality expectation.