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Are you ready to own a new home? Why not consider a Custom home designs for your dream home?

Custom Home Designs has a variety of advantages and sky is the limit for house design. It is a great way to express one’s personal tastes.

Vaastu delivers a fine Custom Home Designs in Melbourne, tailored to suits your personal tastes and takes you through a complete journey from conceptual to reality. Our innovative and creative house design stands the highest level of design quality and reflects integrity and taste of its owners.

Our home design exemplifies contemporary design; the composition, style and flow of outdoor and indoor spaces make it the ideal home for entertaining and living.

When it comes to home design, we are specialized in designing unique

  1. Custom Homes
  2. Luxury Homes
  3. Contemporary Homes
  4. Modern Homes
  5. French provincial homes
  6. Vaastu homes
  7. Townhouses & Apartments

Our services includes concept design, town planning application, liasing with the council, obtaining the town planning permit, preparing building permit documentation and obtaining building permit.

We then tender the project to renowned Melbourne builders in order to find the suitable builder who can carry out our Custom house design according to our design vision. We can help you work within a strict budget and choose the most cost-effective materials & we can also oversee the construction on your behalf, to ensure it is built properly as per our design and your quality expectation.

Our Custom home design and competitive bidding process significantly lowers the cost of your home, while increasing its worth as well-constructed Custom house design tend to sell more quickly even in sluggish market.

You can live anywhere… we design homes everywhere. From our Office in Melbourne, we create signature homes across Australia.

Why Custom Home Design?

Buying a home can be the most important purchase of your life. When you buy a home, you want to feel ownership, that you have something that is truly and completely yours. Even if you buy a brand new home, you haven’t completely made it your own if you didn’t select your own house plan and customize it yourself with the help of expert custom home designers.

When you buy a custom home, you prepare to make your own history, and can create a home that you can keep in your family for generations with pride.

Advantages of Custom Designed Homes?

When you build your own custom home, you can control price, layout, design and overall look, and you can buy with confidence knowing that you’re not going to have to sink more money switching things around so that they will be exactly as you like them. The house will be built just as you like it, and when making an investment this size, shouldn’t you get exactly what you want?

Why Vaastu Pty Ltd?

Building a home is easy with Vaastu Pty Ltd. We delivers a fine Custom designed homes, tailored to suits your personal tastes and takes you through a complete journey from conceptual to reality. Our innovative and creative home design stands the highest level of design quality and reflects integrity and taste of its owners.

Most architects are technically proficient. Many are eminently capable. Some share your own aesthetic sensibility. Only a few understand the difference between a house and a home. We create homes. Our modern house architecture is based on a simple idea: create art to live in. Let’s face it, anyone can develop a functional home that doesn’t leak.

Fashioning a home into a work of art, on the other hand, takes an architect with a rare combination of creativity, experience, and vision.

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