French Provincial Exterior Design

All You Need To Know About The French Provincial Exterior Design

Reclaimed wood is a part of the French Country Style and is ideal to incorporate in the homes to make them look better. The dining and cooking areas present in such homes are ideal for picturing the French Provincial Exterior Design that would help in achieving aristocratic opulence.

The caned furniture is also an ideal choice when you are considering the French Country Decor as it has a delicate weave and comes with cabinet doors and chair backs. The basket-like design that is available in the homes is also perfect for making a comfortable headboard. You can even use gingham and floral textiles to French Country Hours to complete the look.

The French Provincial Exterior Design

Wooden chandeliers can be used to add a rustic delight and are perfect for giving a farmhouse country look to the decor. Apart from that, a chandelier can also help in making the room spacious and bright. Using natural wood works best for the outdoors as well and brings simplicity and sophistication to the design at the same time.

French Country Bed Frames are usually made in iron and carved from either walnut or mahogany which gives them an ornate look. This also makes them a durable piece of furniture which can go on for a long time without getting affected.

Cabinet drawers and doors are another piece of furniture which are seen in Country Style Home and have detailed and intricate geometric patterns which are referred to as ‘fretwork’.

The table lamps are other decoration pieces which help in achieving the Country Style Home charm at home. The French often use lamps with bases that are made of the stone urn that you can often find in the garden areas.

French Provincial Houses are a representation of the people who live in them instead of following a particular theme. The people also believe in preserving their heritage and home furniture and give them a new touch over time.