Row Houses are typically in demand because of their compact sizes and generally, people like to buy one near their workplace. They originated in the 16th century and is a type of terraced houses. Apart from being referred to as shared-wall dwellings, there is much more to it. Let’s take a look at that.

Row Houses are nowadays developed both freely and with shared-walls. These have their own backyard and front yard spaces. This kind of development is very common in places where the land space is limited. In modern row house developments, open porch and garage space are also available.

To crank up the elan, these are often symmetric and similar in design and color. Accompanied by a stone sidewalk, these row houses are just perfect for small/nuclear families. Generally, these are multi-story developments and very common in urban areas.

They originated in the west and are now spread all over the world. These were initially preferred because of their neat designs and comparatively larger space than apartments. The terraced homes are more or less considered the home of the working class but are preferred by a large section of society these days.

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