Rowhouses and townhouses are common these days. In England, rowhouses and townhouses are called “terraced houses” with a row of wall-sharing homes called a “terrace”. Generally not big in size, people are preferring these as mostly everyone tries to get one near their workplace.

The terms “Rowhouse’ and Townhouse are used interchangeably. But if we go into the broader aspect then, rowhouses are slightly compact in size in comparison to townhouses. Rowhouses are owned individually by the owners whereas townhouses are owned by a development. Let’s talk in brief about both one by one.

Top Rowhouse Developers in Australia

Rowhouses are mostly identical and are compact. They share their walls with the adjacent homes. Due to the compact size, these are generally not accommodated with garages and other extra spaces. Rowhouses are owned individually by a person and the land is also owned by the owner of the house.Townhouses have individual water and sewer connections.

Townhouses on the other side are identical but have more space generally as compared to rowhouse. The owner shares a unit of the society owned by a development/construction organisation. They do not have individual sewer and water connections. There’s just one supply that is distributed across society.

Top Townhouses Developers in Australia

However, Townhouses are less expensive and the maintenance is mostly covered whereas Rowhouses, because of shared walls, may lead to more noise and less privacy but the public services like public transportation, departmental stores etc. are generally nearby.