Triplex Buildings

A building with three housing units is referred to as a Triplex Buildings. That means a triplex building has one lower unit or floor, one middle unit and a top the level floor. Generally, these are a result of combined apartments, but at times some houses are purposely built in this fashion.

Talking about the design of the triplex buildings; these are found both in townhouses and as separate units. At times, the basement works as first unit, the ground floor with kitchen and living space as the second unit and the top floor with bedrooms as the third unit.

Generally expensive, these are found as both condominiums and townhouses. While some of the dwellings have each unit stacked on top of the other, other developments have these arranged in a row side by side, separated by a firewall.

Triplex Buildings work extremely well in large and growing cities. These can easily accommodate 2-3 families and are often called “ multi-family units/buildings”. Some of the buildings have the same exterior facade while others have different exterior for different units to add modernity to the designs.

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