Victorian Terraced Houses


The Victorian Terraced Houses are those which emerged in the Victorian Era. Houses with similar architecture and inspired by the layout of the houses of that era are commonly referred to as “Victorian Terraced House”.

In Victorian-Era, side-by-side houses were built in large number near the factories and other workplaces for the employees and factory workers. At that time this concept was declared illegal but nowadays Terraced Houses are a boon.

Victorian Terraced Houses have large windows and hallways. The hallway is led to different rooms of the house. Generally, these have two different levels, upper and lower. These are a bit more compact and have and a long and thin footprint and both the levels of these houses have two rooms up and two rooms down i.e. two rooms on each floor popularly known as “two-up two-down” style.

Some of the important characteristics that make these Victorian Houses standout are the narrow hallways, bay windows, colorful brickwork, dark colored furniture etc. These houses are compact and are recommended to have light neutral colors so that the place looks spacious.

These compact houses have smaller rooms but there is always a scope of restoration. It is highly recommended to redesign the place according to one’s requirements. For that, hiring good architects who have experience will deal with your site in the best way to maximize the potential of your site.