French Provincial Home Architecture

Know About The Characteristics Of The French Provincial Home Architecture

American soldiers who were serving in World War I saw a different style of houses in the French countryside. After that, this kind of homes started getting built in the US too. While this design originated in France in the 1600s, it became quite popular in the 1920s. Then for some period it lost its charm but is now once again popular among the people. The one thing that appeals to people the most is the elegance of the French Provincial Home Architecture.

The French Provincial Home Architecture

French Provincial Architecture has specific standalone characteristics that distinguish it from other forms of architecture.

1. They Have A Proportioned Layout

Unlike most of the different styles, French Style Homes are built in symmetry and quite balanced. Their balance can be seen in the well-proportioned structure of these homes. The windows in these homes are equally divided on both sides so that the balance is maintained.

2. Their Exteriors Are Made Of Brick

Unlike other houses in the US, where timber is preferred for the exteriors, French Provincial Architecture uses bricks or stones. While it is not a rule to use bricks for the entire exterior, architects sometimes use timber along with bricks to add decorative elements to the house.

3. Steep And Hipped Roofs Are A Distinguishing Feature

These houses have steep roofs that slope down towards the walls of the house. Their steep roofs are visible from a distance and are therefore decorated with wooden elements.

4. They Have Tall Windows On The Second Story

These houses are known to have tall and arched windows on the second Stories. These tall windows sometimes protrude out of the roof line of the house.

While these houses are once again gaining popularity, they are always on the higher side when it comes to expenses.