French Provincial Home Architecture

All You Need To Know About The French Provincial Home Architecture

French provincial home architecture is one of the most popular forms of architecture. It is known for its elegant style and lofty origins. There is something about the beauty of this architecture that steals our heart every time we see the buildings built in the French style.

French provincial homes are also quite common in Australia.

French provincial architects are the ones who can guide you through the entire process of understanding this architecture so that you can also use it in your home and its furnishings. There have been several versions of the French provincial architecture that has evolved a lot over time. Some of these features stand apart from other forms of architecture.

Know About The French Provincial Home Architecture

The houses that follow the French style of architecture are built in brick and stones instead of wood. Use of bricks gives a typically unique look to these houses. In some hybrid forms of French Style Homes, half-timbering is also used. This is what makes these houses distinctive. The symmetrical nature of these houses is what makes them look balanced. You will observe that the homes built in the French style have an equal number of windows on each side.

These houses are also known to have steep and hipped roofs that slope down towards the walls of the house. The steep roof is quite clearly visible, and therefore, it is decorated with beautiful tiles, and if the house has a second story, it will be a tall one with arches.

You will find a lot of variations in the French style of architecture with French provincial architects trying new things.

When you are building your house in the French architectural style, you need to be extra careful about the kind of furnishings you’d be using in your home. They need to match the elegance of the architecture.