Vaastu for Home

Vaastu for Home

Are you looking to build your dream home as per the vaastu principle in Melbourne but can’t find anyone who can help you to design then you have come to the right place.

Our company Vaastu delivers a fine Vaastu design for a dream home as per client’s requirement and takes you through a complete journey from conceptual to reality. We design a Vaastu home that will perfectly follow the rhythm of nature and its energies according to the principles of Vaastu, the ancient science of architecture.

We apply principle of vaastu for home if client request and customize your house by taking into consideration your dreams, ideas and requirements and comp up with fine vaastu design for your dream house.

Vaastu design can be tailored to just about any aesthetics and style. Whether you choose modern contemporary style or a French provincial style, we can incorporate Vaastu principle for your Vaastu home in all the house design style.

The basic Vaastu home principles are as below and you can speak to us for more detailed analysis.

Vaastu for home – Plot : A quadrangular, rectangular or square plot is considered beneficial and good from all aspects.

Vaastu for home – The Main Doors and Windows: Make sure they are located in the East. Placements may be modified as Northeast, East of Northeast, or North of Northeast.

Vaastu for home – Living Room: Facing the East can give good results while facing the North could also be beneficial provided the living room is situated at the front side instead of front center.

Vaastu for home – Pooja Room : The pooja room is ideally placed at the Northeast corner of the house preferably on the ground floor.

Vaastu for home – Study Room : The Northeast of the house is the perfect spot for a study room.

Vaastu for home – Kitchen : Position the kitchen at the Southeast, although placing it in the Northwest can also be desirable.

Vaastu for home – Dining Room : Vaastu recommends the dining room to be near or attached to the kitchen and situated either at the Southeast, Northwest, or Northeast corner of the house.

Vaastu for home – Master bedroom : Main or Master’s Bedroom is suitably located at the Southwest.

Vaastu for home – Bathrooms : Vaastu places the West and South for the bathroom and provides that the flow of its drain should be towards Northeast.