Boutique Apartments Designer Melbourne

Boutique Apartments Designer Melbourne

Boutique Apartments Designer Melbourne


Boutique apartment design is not very simple to design such as dual occupancy and multi-town house development. A high level of skill is required to design a good apartment development but there needs to be a balance between good design principles and achieving a financially viable project that meets our housing needs now and into the future. Any change to the planning system has implications that could be felt by developers, buyers and residents. However, as a community we have an obligation to ensure all new apartments are livable and sustainable and meet the needs of all occupants over the life cycle of a building.

There are key point’s needs to be considered in order to design most livable boutique apartments.

  • Just the right size apartments with smartly planned all the amenities
  • Right building heights for all the amenities
  • All the bedrooms and living rooms on external walls getting natural light through windows
  • Good size Courtyards and Balcony
  • Direct Access to Natural light
  • Good natural ventilation to all the apartments must be provided by windows, doors or other openable devices
  • Minimise the sound transmission through floors and walls
  • Minimal internal corridor
  • Visible and accessible front Entrance with active building frontage and short corridors
  • Achieving a quality outlook from all the apartments
  • Air conditioning unit hidden away rather than in the balcony
  • Most of the apartments with North/East or West facing courtyard
  • Excellent Landscape design
  • Excellent waste management plan

Nupur’s aesthetic applied to modern inner-east city living, All the boutique apartments she has designed evidence that apartments can be as glamorous and spacious as any home. She consider all of the above key points when she design boutique apartments. Her design is sleek, contemporary and highly sophisticated, the unbroken flow between utilitarian and living areas combined with the use of white surfaces, limestone floors and mirrors creates space and light. Proof that boutique apartments will eventually become our choice for sustainable city living.

Council Approval

Developers require a commercially-viable DA supported by council so that their project can proceed into sales and construction. This process often requires the consultant team to consider apparently-conflicting requirements from stakeholders, and being able to resolve this in a fast and commercially-acceptable way.

A high level of professional experience and goodwill between the Building Designer, town planner and council planner will assist this process, and the experience of the building designer & town planner is critical. Building Designer and town planner team selection is especially critical when a timely coordinated response requires input from all team members. Nupur has worked on number of apartment projects in most of the council in Melbourne and she has excellent team of various consultants who are expert in their field.