Elegant Designs For French Provincial Homes

Types Of Elegant Designs For French Provincial Homes

French Provincial Homes Elegant Designs

The French Style of Architecture is one of the most brilliant contributions of the field of architecture. It is known all over the world for its elegance and warmth. There are a wide variety of designs that can be incorporated into French Style Homes. French provincial facade gallery is one of them. A gallery over the facade looks enchanting. From modern to rustic, here are a few elegant designs for French Provincial Homes.

1. French Normandy

French Style Architecture started in Normandy. In Normandy, the farm did not stand alone, and they had a house attached to them. When the other countries took inspiration from these French farmhouses, the result was Normandy Style Homes. The walls of these homes are made of bricks or concrete. They are also decorated with half-timbering, sometimes in the form of vertical wooden bands. Normandy style homes also have a distinctive feature in the cone-shaped roof.

2. French Provincial Homes

These homes were popular in the France of 1600s. From there the style developed into its present form. Built symmetrically, these homes are known for their simplicity and elegance. The walls are made in brick. Their roofs are hipped and sloping downwards. Another striking feature of these homes is a tall second story.

3. French Country

This style is a hybrid version of French Normandy and French Provincial Styles. While encompassing both the manor and farmhouse styles, this style came to be unique. Some of the features of this style are curves arches, stonework, and soft lines. Exposed wood beams also form an essential characteristic of these homes.

There are several other designs of French Architecture. You can talk to an experienced architect who would give you the details of the French provincial facade gallery so that you can choose the best design.