French Provincial Home Style

Top Elements Of The French Provincial Home Style

House built in the French Provincial Home Style have something different about them. This style which originated in France in the 1600s later became popular across the world in the 1900s. The French Provincial Facade is so beautiful and satisfying to look at that you would want a similar kind of home for yourself. Although there is a different kind of architectural genius needed to build these houses, you can always incorporate its unique elements in your present home.

Elements Of The French Provincial Home Style

Here are some of the unique elements of the French Provincial Style Homes.

1. Rustic Wood

You can incorporate rustic wood in the furnishings of your house to give it a French Look. For instance, use a wooden dining table and chairs that are simple yet sophisticated. When putting on a white marble floor, the authenticity of this style increases.

2. Warm Interiors

The French Style of architecture is never too loud. You should, therefore, try and use lighter and warm tones for the interiors of your home. This includes the color of the walls, curtains, or blinds, and rugs.

3. Parquetry

Parquetry is an essential feature of these homes. This design in the wooden flooring is necessary to give your home a French look. Also, the architect will guide you about the variety of patterns that can be drawn.

4. Kitchen Island

In homes inspired by the French Style of Architecture, the central kitchen island is often made in a different color than the rest of the decor. Even the marble top can be carved with beautiful carvings to accentuate the look.

5. Exposed Beams

In French Style Homes, everything is made in rustic wood. Therefore, it looks good if the beams are exposed in the old and historic style.

No matter what design you choose, make sure that you are highlighting the French Provincial Facade.