Living with the Legacy of French Provincial Home in the Modern Era

French Provincial Home : The finest of world traditions have come into existence with the fusion of cultures and coming together of different forms of arts, philosophies and beliefs. And this has largely impacted the way world looks at the cultural maturity and societal growth today.

The Emergence of French Architectural Influence

Back in the era of 1600s and 1700s, French were among the most ambitious colonial powers. They built colonies across different parts of the globe including Australia and the connected lands. They settled, got married and became an innate part of the tradition that existed in the vicinity.

French explorers like Comte de La Pérouse, who went on to stay there for some time and put the French footprints there, further impacted this fusion to a large extent. This had a great influence on the way they lived and dwelled.

Over the time, among many things they built like Frenchmen bays and shores, stockades, museums, churches, camping sites, the most renowned is the French provincial home.

The Origin and Derivation of a French Provincial House

Its origin is well related to rural manor houses and chateaux found in the countryside of France, which were a mainstream housing option for them then. And that’s what can be seen in the way they are themed.

These buildings were primarily used for residential purposes by wealthy landowners besides being used as business centers for conducting various trades. Later on during the reign of Louis XIV these were also used for lodging and vacation home services, quite expansively.

The Structure and Aesthetics of a French Provincial Setting

A French provincial home is mostly attributed and characterized by mansard roof, Juliet balconies, beveled glass double door, and iron lacework, which mark its exclusive appeal and elegance.

It is one-of-a-kind construction and has its unique architectural style and typical French Eclectic American structure with steeply pitched hipped roof over the top. All of which is dressed up in light, subtle and creamy tones by and large – best representing the style roots of the French Diaspora.

French provincial houses were mostly covered with half timber work and half of the concrete. These structures were built with symmetrical and proportioned architectural patterns that were mostly featured by a central front door with a modestly designed fascia.

French Provincial Homes By The Day

Largely popular in South East suburbs of Melbourne, these homes are fast gaining prominence across Australia for their archetypal significance. The best part about these manors is they are timeless and classic in their style and doesn’t go off-trend or obsolete with the changing trends and practices in the construction arena.

Today, French provincial home is one of the top-trending vintage dwelling options that are famous all over the globe for their magnificent artwork. Its design, interior, assemblage, layout, theme and trait, everything is taken into the account by modern engineers to replicate and reassert its value in the modern era.

They even rework on it with their creative tweaks to revive the feel and flair of it in a more contemporary design and make it work at per your cultural preferences. You can even get great help from vastu and Feng Shui consultants in assuring best of energy agreement and flow of positivity across the house.

How Vaastu Designers Can Help?

Vaastu Designers can get you a unique design pro-valued at energy sourcing and elemental integrity along with the visual trait and functional design that best compliment your ethnic and traditional cores. Which can be further reworked on to suit your creative choices and preferential inputs, aiming to serve you the best of French provincial setup in your customary, artistic and lifestyle bandwidth. So, you get the most out of the legacy of the French provincial house well dressed and served in your plate of housing preferences – both in terms of acquiring the best of energy flow and dwelling value!


Row Houses are typically in demand because of their compact sizes and generally, people like to buy one near their workplace. They originated in the 16th century and is a type of terraced houses. Apart from being referred to as shared-wall dwellings, there is much more to it. Let’s take a look at that.

Row Houses are nowadays developed both freely and with shared-walls. These have their own backyard and front yard spaces. This kind of development is very common in places where the land space is limited. In modern row house developments, open porch and garage space are also available.

To crank up the elan, these are often symmetric and similar in design and color. Accompanied by a stone sidewalk, these row houses are just perfect for small/nuclear families. Generally, these are multi-story developments and very common in urban areas.

They originated in the west and are now spread all over the world. These were initially preferred because of their neat designs and comparatively larger space than apartments. The terraced homes are more or less considered the home of the working class but are preferred by a large section of society these days.

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Australian Duplex Designs Near You

Australian Duplex Designs have two independent developments that share a common wall. These are often a mirror image of each other and are sometimes referred to as Maisonette. Duplex is often confused with apartments. The major difference being apartments have separate units, whereas duplex designs are bigger and are more like a normal house.

In Duplex Designs, two types of layouts are possible. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Side-by-side Duplex Design
  2. One above the other Duplex Design

Side-By-Side Duplex Design

Side by side duplex design is very popular because of the flexibilities they offer. Such duplex designs can be used as two separate developments where each section can be rented. Hence, if you are looking to invest in a property then you should go for Duplexes and earn the profits of two from just one block of land. If you have a small family, you can occupy one and rent the other portion. If you have a big family, you can occupy both.

One above the other Duplex Design

This style falls under the luxurious style of houses. These are often built keeping big families in mind. If you want to invest in this type, then you should hire an architect and get them developed accordingly so that the two levels can be used independently.

Australian Duplex Designs for Investment

Australian Duplexes are in demand because of their high return on investment value. These are not only preferred because it’s easy to recover the cost, but it can also be used in future in a variety of forms. Their flexibility and their unique design make them the first choice of those who are keen on investing in properties.

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Rowhouses and townhouses are common these days. In England, rowhouses and townhouses are called “terraced houses” with a row of wall-sharing homes called a “terrace”. Generally not big in size, people are preferring these as mostly everyone tries to get one near their workplace.

The terms “Rowhouse’ and Townhouse are used interchangeably. But if we go into the broader aspect then, rowhouses are slightly compact in size in comparison to townhouses. Rowhouses are owned individually by the owners whereas townhouses are owned by a development. Let’s talk in brief about both one by one.

Top Rowhouse Developers in Australia

Rowhouses are mostly identical and are compact. They share their walls with the adjacent homes. Due to the compact size, these are generally not accommodated with garages and other extra spaces. Rowhouses are owned individually by a person and the land is also owned by the owner of the house.Townhouses have individual water and sewer connections.

Townhouses on the other side are identical but have more space generally as compared to rowhouse. The owner shares a unit of the society owned by a development/construction organisation. They do not have individual sewer and water connections. There’s just one supply that is distributed across society.

Top Townhouses Developers in Australia

However, Townhouses are less expensive and the maintenance is mostly covered whereas Rowhouses, because of shared walls, may lead to more noise and less privacy but the public services like public transportation, departmental stores etc. are generally nearby.

All You Need To Know About French Doors

French Doors Design

French Doors have been in limelight since the 1600s and are known for the symmetry and proportion with which they are constructed. Due to their appearance, they are growing in demand these days and people are now including them in their interior spaces. They allow light into space and add style to the home décor, thus making your house look elegant.

According to French Provincial Home Specialist, the French door is quite different from a regular door and looks more like a window than a door. This is mainly because it is constructed out of a glass. In general, the French Doors often come in sets that have slide or swing and are available in solid wood which is perfect for use in the patio.

Living with the Legacy of French Provincial Home in the Modern Era

There are quite a variety of French doors that you can choose from which are as follows:

  • Interior Doors can be used as a partition between spaces or can be set against the wall.
  • Exterior Doors are meant to allow natural light into space.
  • Pocket Doors which are used to save space and are easy to slide into the wall. They are not meant to swing outwards.
  • Bifold Doors have the capability to be folded and are perfect for using in the closet spaces.
  • Multifold Doors which can be doubled as hall divider.
  • Sliding Doors that can be used in the balcony where the space is often limited.

The French Doors can even be ordered in a wide variety of colors and textures which makes it easier to choose a unit that would perfectly work well with your interiors. However, it would be best to selectively choose a design so that it would not look odd in your home and would rather enhance the ambiance.

How To Achieve The French Provincial Look On A Budget?

French Provincial Look On A Budget

French Homes Exude airiness and openness which is a unique thing about them. If you are planning to decorate your home, then you can use the below mentioned accents to achieve the French Provincial Look on a budget:

Walls – French Home

French Provincial House Builders opt for white or neutral colors in walls which is necessary to give a distinct character to the French Home and you can do the same. In addition, you can choose to use wallpaper or use paint which requires few supplies which can be applied by anyone with no experience at all. This would help in cutting down the installation cost and help you paint the wall in your personal style.

Mirrors – French interiors

Mirrors are an integral part of French interiors, and they give a vintage appeal. You can purchase mirrors from the flea market as they would cost you much less all together. Consider different styles in mirrors and figure out which one works best for your home.

Cabinet/Dressers – Budget Friendly Accessory

Cabinets happen to be a budget-friendly accessory and can even be decorated all by you. If you have old dressers available in your house, then you can repaint and reuse them. Choose neutral colors or white to paint them, and there you would achieve the Perfect French Look.

Chandelier – French Provincial Lighting

The chandelier is a must when you are using the French Provincial Lighting; however, these often cost you a lot. You can choose smaller hanging lights instead of chandeliers as they are often inexpensive and give a beautiful look that is perfect for a French Interior.

Be creative and resourceful, and you will surely be able to achieve the desired French Provincial Look for your home. Also, planning out the interiors will surely help you achieve the desired look easily.

Top French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

French Country Bathroom Designs are primarily rustic and give a countryside feeling. Listed below are some of the French Country Bathroom Design Ideas from French Provincial Home Builders that you can follow:

Bathroom With Earthy Tones

Use neutral colors, wooden window panes that give an elegant appearance to the bathroom which is quite similar to the rustic environment of the countryside. You can even add a retro faucet along with a copper tub to complement the look. The flooring that you choose should also be rustic in style to compliment the look.

French Cottage Bathroom Look

Minimalism is the key to the Cottage Style Bathroom with which you can add soft white tones along with silver accents. You can add a cast iron tub to give a rustic look to the bathroom and along with that use soft fabrics and a wicker basket to soften the look.

French Farmhouse With Wall Decor

Try to incorporate an alcove tub which comes with framed wooden beams and a beautiful metal wall art that gives a rustic look to the bathroom. In addition, a proper arrangement of curtains would give privacy and lots of natural light in the room.

Mediterranean Style Bathroom

The French Countryside has beaches along the sea and to make you experience a similar feeling; you can incorporate this particular style, which also has Greek influence. This includes frieze-topped mirrors and plaster walls to complete the look. You can also use wrought iron sconces to as decoration pieces to give a Mediterranean look.

Blue And White French Country Bathroom

This particular bathroom offers a luxurious style where you can use patterned wallpapers and curtains that give a beautiful look. You can even add a blue pouf to compliment the look of the furniture.

You can opt for these styles to ensure a beautiful bathroom interior for your home.

What Are Some Of The Common French Country Colors?

The Common French Country Colors

French Country Colors Style is popular since World War I. These designs are popular as they offer a perfect blend of details along with rustic elements. This is necessary to ensure a rich-looking space which is equally comfortable. The color palette that you choose helps is ensuring that your room looks well-coordinated, and for that, you just need to choose a few basic palettes that would work well in your home.

Reds, Whites, And Blues

Subtle shades in red, white, and blue are a part of the classic palette which does not look too striking and rather gives a calming effect. Reds can include raspberry or pomegranate shades, blues include midnight and aqua blue while whites can be milky whites or ivory shades.

Shades Of The Sea

Seaside colors mainly involve greens and blues, which can be combined with yellowish wood-tones. These tones give a feeling of warmth and coolness in your home at the same time and are perfect for use with brick and cement floors along with terracotta tiles.

You can even add antique white tones along with blue and green and use them in linen and lace that would give a sense of luxury. This would also create a perfect vintage ambiance.

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are also quite popular when it comes to Contemporary French Decoration. The colors in this palette include: blue, red, pink, and yellow, which work perfectly when you are considering French Provincial Home Designs.

Moreover, the neutrals work well with the accent colors and offer a mix of a variety of shades that complement each other pretty well. Feel free to experiment with these colors if you are considering to opting for French Style Decoration in your home and want to ensure that it gives similar feels.

Things The French Always Do While Decorating Their Homes

Modern French Decorating Ideas With VAASTU PTY LTD

While decorating your homes in the French Style, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to not follow rules and go with your instant. Here are a few of the things that the French do while decorating their homes:

Embrace The Imperfect

The French Decoration is more about personal reflection rather than making it all perfect. The French believe in preserving their family heirlooms and pieces that are vintage and original. They do not throw away things which might be stained or crooked. Moreover, they try to incorporate a space which has elements from different styles and themes.

Mix And Match Go Hand In Hand

The French prefer mixing the contemporary and vintage styles and develop an entirely new setup. They are always in for using modern style furniture units with vintage lighting setups and an ornate background. The entire decoration is a combination of different periods and styles which give a completely different look altogether.

Stay Audacious

Being audacious in the choices is another thing that needs to be kept in mind while Choosing French Interiors. You do not need to worry about the proper positioning of the pieces as long as you are keeping the proportions right. In this way, you will be able to give a personal style to your home.

Draw Inputs From Your Personal Experience

While decorating a French Style Home, you have the ultimate freedom to choose the things that you wish to incorporate in the interiors. In case you have old furniture lying around with you or have any vintage pieces that go ahead with the decoration instantly.

While decorating a French Provincial House, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that your home looks amazingly designed.

Top French Interior Design Rules You Should Know About

Top French Interior Design Rules

French Interiors are timeless and meant for those who like classic decoration. Some of the French Interior Design Rules that you should know about are as follows:

Recycle And Reuse

Most of the French Houses that you will find decorate their houses with sustainable and ecological elements. Moreover, they focus on reinventing the style and incorporated pieces that are timeless and classic or mostly vintage.

Avoid Neutral Colors

Although the French do prefer white in their homes, there are no specific rules as to which color you should adopt. You can experiment with favorite colors and can blend different colors, styles, and designs as per your requirement.

Consider Your Lifestyle

The French people lay equal focus on the design as well as the lifestyle, which is why their appearance seems effortless. Their interiors are built to accommodate the way you wish to move in the room. You can incorporate nooks to lounge in and use creative storage space for your souvenirs and mementos. The French Design is all about relaxation and you should.

Do Not Go With The Trends

The French Interiors are not just about sticking to the rule, and you are free to experiment with the different styles and designs that represent your choices. You can choose the pieces that you want to use in your home decoration – be it modern or vintage. However, make sure that you are proportionate in your choices.

A French Provincial Home is an ideal combination of the tips mentioned above where you have complete freedom to choose the kind of the decoration that you want to go for your home instead of sticking to just one particular theme. Feel free to experiment with different designs and themes and bring out something completely new that reflects your experiences.

Top Ways To Create A French Country Kitchen

Create A French Country Kitchen

Creating a French Country Kitchen look involves the use of rustic style elements that reminds one of the countryside. Here are some tips that would be helpful you achieving this look for your kitchen space:

Use Soft Colors

You will notice that French Provincial Builders often use neutral or white and it would be best to use such colors if you want to design a French Country Kitchen as these colors are ideal for a provincial space. Choose earthy and cool hues to paint the walls in the kitchen.

Use Skirted Cabinetry

Skirted cabinetry is a part of traditional country decor detail and is used under the kitchen sinks in French homes. Make sure that you adopt this style while renovating your kitchen area.

Use Natural Materials Most Of The Time

You should incorporate natural materials in your design to give a rustic appearance in the kitchen. Using stone, brick, and wooden surfaces would help in achieving an ideal French Country Kitchen Decor.

Select Furniture Wisely

Use cabinets and stools in your kitchen to give a French Kitchen Look in Your Home. Always use furniture that adds comforts and exudes warmth in your space, which is why it is necessary to choose colors wisely that match with the countertops and kitchen walls.

Hang The Cookware

You must have seen copper pots hanging from the kitchen space. This particular style looks great in country style homes and given a rustic look. Use wooden hangings for this purpose as they would match with the rustic ambiance of the kitchen.

You can draw inspiration from the above-mentioned tips and incorporate personal elements that would give a personal touch to the home decor. However, make it a point to use natural accent pieces and furniture units as they are the core of any French Style Interior Decoration.