French Provincial Home

Some of the Prominent Features of French Provincial Homes

Features of French Provincial Homes

If you’ve ever been to France, you must have been wowed by the kind of homes there. Homes in France are very different from that of the other countries. They have some peculiar characteristics that make them unique. There are specialized architecture agencies that can help you design your home in the French way. French provincial architect can guide you through the entire process. Here are some unique features of French Provincial Homes.

  1. 1. These Houses are Made of Brick

    As opposed to timber standard in other nations, houses in France are made of brick or stones. You will see that sometimes they even feature half-timbering. This gives these houses a unique look.

  2. 2. French Homes are Symmetrical

    Homes built in French style are quite balanced. You will observe that the entrance to these houses lies in the middle, with an equal number of windows on each side of the house. It is well proportioned. Some apartments also have a round tower at their entrance.

  3. 3. These Houses Have Steep Roofs

    French style homes have a very distinctive style of roof. Their roofs are very steep and hipped. In a hipped roof, all its sides slope down towards the walls of the house. Some houses built in the French style also have dormers. Dormers are new structures protruding out of the roof. They also have windows.

  4. 4. The Second Story is a Tall One in French Houses

    French houses have tall second story. Tall windows and arches also distinguish these story on their tops. Windows can even extend beyond the roof line in some homes.

If you too are looking forward to designing your house in French architectural style, you should take the help of French Provincial Architect. They will guide you about all the features before you decide to build your home in the French style.