Top French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

Top French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

French Country Bathroom Designs are primarily rustic and give a countryside feeling. Listed below are some of the French Country Bathroom Design Ideas from French Provincial Home Builders that you can follow:

Bathroom With Earthy Tones

Use neutral colors, wooden window panes that give an elegant appearance to the bathroom which is quite similar to the rustic environment of the countryside. You can even add a retro faucet along with a copper tub to complement the look. The flooring that you choose should also be rustic in style to compliment the look.

French Cottage Bathroom Look

Minimalism is the key to the Cottage Style Bathroom with which you can add soft white tones along with silver accents. You can add a cast iron tub to give a rustic look to the bathroom and along with that use soft fabrics and a wicker basket to soften the look.

French Farmhouse With Wall Decor

Try to incorporate an alcove tub which comes with framed wooden beams and a beautiful metal wall art that gives a rustic look to the bathroom. In addition, a proper arrangement of curtains would give privacy and lots of natural light in the room.

Mediterranean Style Bathroom

The French Countryside has beaches along the sea and to make you experience a similar feeling; you can incorporate this particular style, which also has Greek influence. This includes frieze-topped mirrors and plaster walls to complete the look. You can also use wrought iron sconces to as decoration pieces to give a Mediterranean look.

Blue And White French Country Bathroom

This particular bathroom offers a luxurious style where you can use patterned wallpapers and curtains that give a beautiful look. You can even add a blue pouf to compliment the look of the furniture.

You can opt for these styles to ensure a beautiful bathroom interior for your home.