French Country Colors

What Are Some Of The Common French Country Colors?

The Common French Country Colors

French Country Colors Style is popular since World War I. These designs are popular as they offer a perfect blend of details along with rustic elements. This is necessary to ensure a rich-looking space which is equally comfortable. The color palette that you choose helps is ensuring that your room looks well-coordinated, and for that, you just need to choose a few basic palettes that would work well in your home.

Reds, Whites, And Blues

Subtle shades in red, white, and blue are a part of the classic palette which does not look too striking and rather gives a calming effect. Reds can include raspberry or pomegranate shades, blues include midnight and aqua blue while whites can be milky whites or ivory shades.

Shades Of The Sea

Seaside colors mainly involve greens and blues, which can be combined with yellowish wood-tones. These tones give a feeling of warmth and coolness in your home at the same time and are perfect for use with brick and cement floors along with terracotta tiles.

You can even add antique white tones along with blue and green and use them in linen and lace that would give a sense of luxury. This would also create a perfect vintage ambiance.

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are also quite popular when it comes to Contemporary French Decoration. The colors in this palette include: blue, red, pink, and yellow, which work perfectly when you are considering French Provincial Home Designs.

Moreover, the neutrals work well with the accent colors and offer a mix of a variety of shades that complement each other pretty well. Feel free to experiment with these colors if you are considering to opting for French Style Decoration in your home and want to ensure that it gives similar feels.