All You Need To Know About French Doors

French Doors Design

French Doors have been in limelight since the 1600s and are known for the symmetry and proportion with which they are constructed. Due to their appearance, they are growing in demand these days and people are now including them in their interior spaces. They allow light into space and add style to the home décor, thus making your house look elegant.

According to French Provincial Home Specialist, the French door is quite different from a regular door and looks more like a window than a door. This is mainly because it is constructed out of a glass. In general, the French Doors often come in sets that have slide or swing and are available in solid wood which is perfect for use in the patio.

Living with the Legacy of French Provincial Home in the Modern Era

There are quite a variety of French doors that you can choose from which are as follows:

  • Interior Doors can be used as a partition between spaces or can be set against the wall.
  • Exterior Doors are meant to allow natural light into space.
  • Pocket Doors which are used to save space and are easy to slide into the wall. They are not meant to swing outwards.
  • Bifold Doors have the capability to be folded and are perfect for using in the closet spaces.
  • Multifold Doors which can be doubled as hall divider.
  • Sliding Doors that can be used in the balcony where the space is often limited.

The French Doors can even be ordered in a wide variety of colors and textures which makes it easier to choose a unit that would perfectly work well with your interiors. However, it would be best to selectively choose a design so that it would not look odd in your home and would rather enhance the ambiance.