Just like the name suggests, row houses are houses typically developed in rows and are generally found in cities where space is often limited. These days Row Houses are particularly common in densely populated cities. Though Row Houses are houses of compact sizes and shared walls, a category of terraced house, there are many types of row houses that you should definitely take a look at.

In this article, we are briefing about a few common Types of Row Houses. Let’s take a glance.

Federal Style Houses

These were the initial kind of Row Houses that emerged in and around the 18th century. The federal style homes were mainly located on main streets, the smaller ones on the side street and the smallest on the alleys. These were popular until the problem of noise pollution arose with Industrialisation and Urbanisation.

Alley Houses

Often referred to as Cracker Boxes, the alley houses are small sized dwellings. Just as the name suggests, these houses are generally found on alley streets, were just two room deep and hence called,”two-up, two-down”.

Swell Fronts

Generally, Row Houses were seen with monotonous structure, looked like large rectangular boxes standing straight. To break the monotony, some people experimented with the designed and gave it a curved facade hence called ”Swell Front Row Houses”.

Daylight Row Houses

Daylight Row Houses are the most common and the oldest when we talk about Row Houses. These were designed in a way that all the rooms can access sunlight, which generally lacked in Federal Style Homes, where the rooms at the back were completely devoid of sunlight.

Porchfront Homes

These were developed with porches and a small front yard and also a garage. This kind is popular with both single and multi-story dwellings.