Childcare Center Interior Design


Opening Childcare is not like opening a shop or any other commercial building. Though childcare has emerged as the newest commercial business it comes with its own. Some requirements have to be fulfilled in order to ensure that the childcare provides the best of services. Daycare Design Requirements.

It is a non-negotiable fact that childcare is for business but at the same time, one has to take the full responsibility of the well being of toddlers. It is not as easy as it seems definitely. Proper planning should be done beforehand and if you are about to open a childcare center then you’re on the right article to get a few important tips.

General Design Considerations:

1. Site selection
2. Orientation and access
3. Safety & Security
4. Health
5. Facility size

Let’s take a brief look at these points.

Site selection is important. It is better if the site is located somewhere near the community park, school, library, museum etc. It is better if the site is located away from a polluted, noisy area.

Orientation and access is the next important thing. It is important to have proper sunlight and air access so that children feel fresh and stay lively inside. Too much air-conditioned and artificial environment is highly discouraged. The doors and windows should be accessible wherever necessary and the doors and windows for balcony etc. should have children. Pedestrian access, vehicular access etc should be taken care of.

Safety and Security are crucial. Boundaries should be made unclimbable. Proper safety measures should be well known like fire exits and evacuation in times of crisis.

Health is Wealth. And for children, who are very prone to infections, proper care should be taken care of the well being of children.

Facility Size should be as per the rules and regulations of your local region regulations. The ratio of children to staff must be given equal importance just as we take care of the above points.

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