French Interior Design Rules

Top French Interior Design Rules You Should Know About

Top French Interior Design Rules

French Interiors are timeless and meant for those who like classic decoration. Some of the French Interior Design Rules that you should know about are as follows:

Recycle And Reuse

Most of the French Houses that you will find decorate their houses with sustainable and ecological elements. Moreover, they focus on reinventing the style and incorporated pieces that are timeless and classic or mostly vintage.

Avoid Neutral Colors

Although the French do prefer white in their homes, there are no specific rules as to which color you should adopt. You can experiment with favorite colors and can blend different colors, styles, and designs as per your requirement.

Consider Your Lifestyle

The French people lay equal focus on the design as well as the lifestyle, which is why their appearance seems effortless. Their interiors are built to accommodate the way you wish to move in the room. You can incorporate nooks to lounge in and use creative storage space for your souvenirs and mementos. The French Design is all about relaxation and you should.

Do Not Go With The Trends

The French Interiors are not just about sticking to the rule, and you are free to experiment with the different styles and designs that represent your choices. You can choose the pieces that you want to use in your home decoration – be it modern or vintage. However, make sure that you are proportionate in your choices.

A French Provincial Home is an ideal combination of the tips mentioned above where you have complete freedom to choose the kind of the decoration that you want to go for your home instead of sticking to just one particular theme. Feel free to experiment with different designs and themes and bring out something completely new that reflects your experiences.