Living with the Legacy of French Provincial Home in the Modern Era

French Provincial Home : The finest of world traditions have come into existence with the fusion of cultures and coming together of different forms of arts, philosophies and beliefs. And this has largely impacted the way world looks at the cultural maturity and societal growth today.

The Emergence of French Architectural Influence

Back in the era of 1600s and 1700s, French were among the most ambitious colonial powers. They built colonies across different parts of the globe including Australia and the connected lands. They settled, got married and became an innate part of the tradition that existed in the vicinity.

French explorers like Comte de La Pérouse, who went on to stay there for some time and put the French footprints there, further impacted this fusion to a large extent. This had a great influence on the way they lived and dwelled.

Over the time, among many things they built like Frenchmen bays and shores, stockades, museums, churches, camping sites, the most renowned is the French provincial home.

The Origin and Derivation of a French Provincial House

Its origin is well related to rural manor houses and chateaux found in the countryside of France, which were a mainstream housing option for them then. And that’s what can be seen in the way they are themed.

These buildings were primarily used for residential purposes by wealthy landowners besides being used as business centers for conducting various trades. Later on during the reign of Louis XIV these were also used for lodging and vacation home services, quite expansively.

The Structure and Aesthetics of a French Provincial Setting

A French provincial home is mostly attributed and characterized by mansard roof, Juliet balconies, beveled glass double door, and iron lacework, which mark its exclusive appeal and elegance.

It is one-of-a-kind construction and has its unique architectural style and typical French Eclectic American structure with steeply pitched hipped roof over the top. All of which is dressed up in light, subtle and creamy tones by and large – best representing the style roots of the French Diaspora.

French provincial houses were mostly covered with half timber work and half of the concrete. These structures were built with symmetrical and proportioned architectural patterns that were mostly featured by a central front door with a modestly designed fascia.

French Provincial Homes By The Day

Largely popular in South East suburbs of Melbourne, these homes are fast gaining prominence across Australia for their archetypal significance. The best part about these manors is they are timeless and classic in their style and doesn’t go off-trend or obsolete with the changing trends and practices in the construction arena.

Today, French provincial home is one of the top-trending vintage dwelling options that are famous all over the globe for their magnificent artwork. Its design, interior, assemblage, layout, theme and trait, everything is taken into the account by modern engineers to replicate and reassert its value in the modern era.

They even rework on it with their creative tweaks to revive the feel and flair of it in a more contemporary design and make it work at per your cultural preferences. You can even get great help from vastu and Feng Shui consultants in assuring best of energy agreement and flow of positivity across the house.

How Vaastu Designers Can Help?

Vaastu Designers can get you a unique design pro-valued at energy sourcing and elemental integrity along with the visual trait and functional design that best compliment your ethnic and traditional cores. Which can be further reworked on to suit your creative choices and preferential inputs, aiming to serve you the best of French provincial setup in your customary, artistic and lifestyle bandwidth. So, you get the most out of the legacy of the French provincial house well dressed and served in your plate of housing preferences – both in terms of acquiring the best of energy flow and dwelling value!