Terrace House are living units often situated in urban areas and cities with lack of space. These houses are preferred because of the advantages they bring along. These small development are gaining popularity by employees or small family man / woman. Terraced Houses are developed in rows and they are more vertical than horizontal. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this style of housing.



Terraced Houses are very affordable compared to others. Due to their affordability, people are moving to terraced homes from apartments. This way you get ownership of the land and also get more space and is comfortable too.


Terraced Houses are often situated in areas where you have shopping malls, general stores, hospitals, schools, entertainment complexes etc nearby. This makes it convenient for the owners of terraced houses to easily find anything and everything just a walk away.


The hassle of maintaining your house is not going to happen here as the owners are required to pay a fixed amount that covers the maintenance issues. That way, any problem regarding sanitation, electricity etc is completely taken care of by the HOAs.


While many take it as a disadvantage, I still think it is a very important feature of Terraced Houses. In the daily hustle and bustle and due to separate homes, people don’t know who is living next doors and, no one cares. But in townhouses, that’s not going to happen. People feel associated to each other and are always ready to lend a helping hand.