Terraced Houses are developed in rows and have a uniform layout and facade. Terraced houses are growing popularity with time and are very common in urban areas.

Terraced houses are often called Rowhouses and Townhouses. These developments originated first in the 16th century. With increasing rates of land space and growing population, terraced homes came as a solution.

Terraced Homes are developed in rows and are compact in size. Though they are not as luxurious as Triplex, Duplex or Bungalows, they are very useful for the working medium class families. They are affordable by a wide range of people and at the same time, people get ownership of the land and the roof.

Those with nuclear families can live easily and comfortably. With a backyard and a front yard, these days developers are adding more features to make them more comfortable.

Though some people get accustomed to living with the noise and chaos that happens as they share the walls with the neighbourhood home, nowadays terraced homes with separate walls are also being developed.

As time is passing by, and with the increase in population and lack of income, those who don’t find it comfortable living in apartments are moving towards Terraced Houses due to their wide range of benefits. This style of housing is not going anywhere and will continue to rule in the upcoming years.